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Rent a cottage on the shores of the majestic Ottawa River. Enjoy the beautiful beaches and breathtaking sunsets, located on the property of the historic Hotel Pontiac, in Fort William, QC. The property, affectionately known as The Fort, is a tavern and restaurant that was formerly a Hudson's Bay Trading Post, and is now beloved by generations of visitors and locals alike. Head over for some live music, a good meal, or a cold drink.

The ShamrockEight-person Cottage Rental

The Shamrock has three bedrooms, a kitchen and dining area, a washroom with shower, and a large screened-in porch.

The Red BirdSeven-person Cottage Rental

The Red Bird

Equipped with a loft space, two closed bedrooms, one futon and couch in the living room, a fully equipped kitchen, dining area, and a huge screened-in porch.

The BonnieFive-person Cottage Rental

The Bonnie

Equipped with a full kitchen, dining and living area, veranda, and a bathroom with shower.